Whether you can get bad credit loans depends strongly on your income. Do you have a stable job or are you a freelancer? If the amount you need to borrow is quite significant, installment loans may be appropriate. you can pay over several monthly payments, instead of a single lump sum payment as in payday loans.

Most consumers are very concerned about the rates and fees for the loan they are about to borrow. Many people will get a loan quote from several lenders to compare and choose. This is being sensible, it is your responsibilities to make sure you are not being charged excessive fees for a loan.

3MonthLoanLenders.com can connect you to a large network of U.S. lenders. One of these may give you a loan offer immediately. You just need to fill out a simple form to start. This is a free service and available round the clock.

Why Take An Installment Loan?

We will highlight a few situations where they can be useful.

1) If you have several debts charging high interest rates, you can compare and check whether a new installment loan has lower fees. Usually, the rates are similar. But there is an advantage. Lesser unpaid accounts can improve your credit score. And there are lesser payment deadlines to remember.

2) Installment loans can be used for large purchases, since you can borrow several thousand dollars at once. This can be used for buying equipment, home improvement, fixing your vehicle etc. We do not always recommend doing so, but if the purchase can improve your finances, then go ahead. The other question is the urgency. Do you really need to buy now, or can wait till you save up the money?

Where To Get One?

If you do not have a good credit history, you can bypass traditional lenders such as banks. They are unlikely to approve and it may be a waste of time. Many people have found that it is easier to get a loan from online lenders. If you wish, 3MonthLoanLenders.com can connect you to an installment loan lender securely.

Advantages Of Installment Loans Over Payday Loans

Since you can borrow larger loans from installment lenders, they are applicable to more varied life situations.

Installment loans Payday loans
High loan limit up to $5000 $1000 or less
Long loan period up to 12 months 30 days or less
Less impact on your monthly budget Some people need another loan after paying

3000 installment loan One holistic advantage is you can improve your credit score by making timely payments. This is quite achievable for many people since the required monthly payments are small. Thus there are lesser risks of late or skipped payments.

Are you worried you are disqualified from loans because of a low credit score? This may not be true. Of course, having a good credit is great but you can do just as well if you have a stable job and not a lot of debts. Do you have enough to pay the monthly fees and your usual lifestyle expenses? If so, do not reject yourself so quickly.

Some lenders may decline you because they have stricter lending rules, but some will. Why not take a few minutes time and see if 3MonthLoanLenders.com can find a valid loan quote for you?

Do Installment Loans Have Higher Interest Rates?

Being able to pay the loan fees without running out of money is a very important criteria. This is what online lenders will consider. On your side, you must stay committed to paying the loan as scheduled. Ask for a longer deadline if you find the payment too high. This can reduce what you need to pay each time, at the price of higher overall fees.

Have you ever searched for installment loans using Google and the numerous listings made you lost and confused? Be warned that not all loan websites are legit and can be trusted. Some can be scammers or fake websites or dishonest lenders with hidden fees. Taking a wrong loan can make your finances worse than before.

3MonthLoanLenders.com works with many U.S. lenders that provide loans for people with bad credit. We can connect you to one of these. Simply fill out a secured form with your info and click submit. You may get a response within minutes.

Review the given rates and terms for the loan. Understand how much you can borrow, how much you need to pay and when are the monthly due dates. Repeat this step at various finance websites or loan stores in your area. You can discuss with friends who have borrowed online loans before.

Installment loans usually involve bigger sums and longer deadlines. These will exacerbate the effects of even minor interest rate differences. The smart borrower will thus look for several lenders to compare and choose the best deal. It is okay to get a loan quote here and reject it. No problems at all.


Installment loans can be used effectively when you can afford the fees. Try not to over rely on them. Paying over a few months is less taxing on your wallet, and avoid the unpleasant consequences of skipped payments. If you are interested, fill the form on 3MonthLoanLenders.com today and get a free loan quote.